10 POUND 60mm Ultra Light Mortar Adopted by Polish Special Forces Group

The Polish Special Forces support unit Jednostka Wojskowa Nil has ordered a batch of 27 60mm vz. 99 Antos ultralight mortars, following up a previous order earlier this year. MilMag has an excellent article detailing this acquisition and the features of the Czech-engineered Antos, which you can read by clicking the link here.

The 60mm Antos mortar, also previously branded the Norsk USA/DSG Technology iMortar in the USA, is a unique ultra-lightweight medium caliber mortar intended to be carried with light infantry and special forces. In contrast to existing mortars like the 60mm M224 which weigh over 20 kilograms when assembled, the Antos is much ligher, with a total system weight of only 5 kg (~11 lb). It achieves this through a novel design which eliminates the traditional bipod, reduces the mass of the baseplate (which is fixed, instead of removable), and incorporates the use of an innovative liquid sighting system that uses a…

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