5 Optics Questions You Never Wanted to Ask—ANSWERED!

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A surprising number of people don’t understand the basic features of optics but are too embarrassed to ask. End the shame right here.

As a recap from the video above:

1. How do I understand those scope dimensions?

Magnification Range: The first number is the magnification range (e.g. 4-12). There are three groups of magnification ranges:

a. Low Power: (e.g. 1.5–6x 32mm, 2–7x 32mm) These riflescopes are ideal at close range and for shooting moving targets. They provide the most effective light management and produce a brighter sight picture and wider field of view, even in low-light conditions and thick brush.

b. Medium Power: (e.g. 3–9x 40mm, 2.5–10x 50mm) Select these riflescopes for hunting big game at medium range.

c. High Power: (e.g. 6–18x 40mm, 6–24x 40mm) These riflescopes are best for target shooting when the target is motionless, and for varmints and other small game.

Objective Bell Diameter: The second number is the objective…

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