.50 GI: .45 ACP’s Odd Cousin

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

Question: “Why do you carry a .45?” Answer: “Because they don’t make a .50.” Well, that answer doesn’t hold water, and hasn’t since 2004. Thirteen years ago, Arkansas-based Guncrafter Industries began modifying M1911A1 pistols to shoot a new proprietary cartridge that they call .50 GI (for Guncrafter Industries, not government issue).

Obviously, a standard 1911 isn’t designed to shoot something that large or something with that much muzzle energy, so they beefed up the guns internally to handle an increase of muzzle energy that is up to 31% more than a .45 ACP round.

Externally, GI’s guns look normal. Their Model No. 1 and Model No. 2 look like full-size, run-of-the-mill 1911s upon first glance. Even their Model No. 3 looks like a regular Commander-size 1911. The Model No. 4 features a slide and barrel that is 6” long instead of 5”. Finally, their Model No. 5 is designed for…

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