7.62x39mm CZ 807s in use by Egyptian Security Forces, Possible option to Manufacture in Egypt

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Photographs of Egyptian Security Forces armed with 7.62x39mm CZ 807s have recently surfaced, thanks to the efforts of Egypt Defense Review and Mahmoud Gamal, both in-depth analysts of Egyptian defense programs. The 7.62x39mm rifles were recently seen in what appears to be a joint operation with Egyptian Paratroopers and Sa’ka special forces in Egypt. In 2013 we reported that a large contract with Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZ) had taken place wherein CZ P-07 handguns, Scorpions, and 5.56x45mm CZ 805s were purchased. From the images, at the time it would appear that this was a law enforcement program to Egyptian police forces separate from the defense forces. Now, from various sources online, it looks like Egypt is actually interested in manufacturing the 807 at home, purchasing a manufacturing license from CZ. This process appears to have picked up in May of this year, and there isn’t much information beyond that. We also…

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