Are Long Range Infantry Calibers Just Marketing Smoke and Mirrors?

With the recent push for small arms ammunition with increased range, power and capability, are military customers in danger of being taken for a ride by industry marketeers working to sell rifles in new calibers? Is the primary driving force behind new infantry calibers not in fact a need to be addressed, but a desire to sell weapons in a stagnant small arms market?

The subject of small arms ammunition selection and the effect of marketing upon it deserves a far more detailed treatment than we afford today. Instead, we will explore some possibilities that may illuminate some of the potential risk factors in this area. But first, let’s turn our attention to hunting.

For hunting game, the bolt-action rifle has been king for well over a century. Although evolutionary improvements to the weapons have been made during that time, these changes have come slowly, and have not affected the weapons’ fundamental natures. Because of…

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