ATF Gun Tracing Van – A Federal Boondoogle?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

“The ATF is building a second gun tracing van and deploying it to Baltimore later this summer,” our Bloomberg-funded friends at The Trace report. “When a ballistics van was parked there in May, it generated 22 leads for police.” Needless to say, the “anti-gun violence” friends in the mainstream media are thrilled! (see video below) Of course . . .

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We’re talking about millions of taxpayer dollars worth of equipment and personnel costs to run these vans, which generated 22 “leads” out of 66 Baltimore-based cases in three weeks. Not arrests. Not convictions. Leads.

“It make take some time to flush out these leads,” the reporter intones. The best that the ATF can claim (at this point): their mobile lab linked one gun to multiple crimes in one case.

I’m sick and tired of security theater. The best way to stop “gun violence” is to end the…

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