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Reader: We’ve Painted Ourselves Into A Corner on Bump Fire Regulation and More Gun Control

Reader JP writes: I don’t particularly care for bump fire stocks. They’re silly, waste expensive ammo, decrease control and accuracy, and have absolutely no practical purpose. That said, their existence and legality cause no harm to me so I refuse to sit while they’re demonized and regulated. Now the NRA and other pro gun rights […]

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TTAG Daily Digest: Doing Something in Congress, Gun-Free Zones Work in Las Vegas and Silencers for Cops

Stop me before I Fudd again! . . . One gun owner’s plea for Congress to do something I own multiple shotguns, handguns and rifles, including an AR-15. Unfortunately, when the gun-control debate is reignited by another mass shooting, my voice is often unheard. Maybe my message is drowned out by the NRA’s continued silence. Perhaps […]

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After Las Vegas: The Folly Of More Gun Control Laws

Reader Gideon Joubert writes: We’re all now too familiar with the abhorrent event that occurred in Las Vegas last week. It’s impossible to adequately express feelings of sympathy and remorse for people who experienced something that is completely beyond our comprehension, and I won’t insult them by indulging in such empty gestures. I also don’t […]

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Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: Malleable Convictions, The Blowback From ‘Being the Change’ and the Same Old Chief Art

It’s funny how your belief system can change when you move from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times . . . Bret Stephens’ Fetishism for Gun Control To his credit, Mr. Stephens (like Mr. Krauthammer before him) recognizes that the usual gun-control nostrums would have very little effect. Although he coyly avoids specifying […]

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Police Officer Reported Killed in Shooting at Texas Tech Campus Police Department

After earlier reports of a shooing at the Texas Tech University campus police department in Lubbock, this report comes in from A Texas Tech police officer was shot and killed by a gunman on Monday night as the university’s campus is on lockdown during an active shooting situation, KCBD-TV reported. According to, Texas […]

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