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REDACTED: Salient Arms NOT Filing Chapter 7

TFB and other publications incorrectly reported that Salient Arms International (SAI) had filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is was incorrect. The company that filed for Bankruptcy was “Salient Security Services, Inc.” of California which Did Business As “Salient Arms International”. This company was affiliated with the Salient Arms International Inc. (Nevada) but according to Adrian Chavez of SAI (Nevada) […]

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The Guns that Criminals Carry – One Police Officer’s Data

For those who interested in the art of self-defense, you should be checking out Active Self Protection, who goes by ASP. Their daily videos go through various real-life scenarios often from captured surveillance video. The crew over there go through the details on how good guys deal with bad guys “when the balloon goes up.” ASP also […]

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Critical Glock Armorer’s Tool – The Inspection Slide Plate Cover

Most people take for granted the simple, yet effective firing mechanism of the Glock pistols. And to his credit, Gaston did design and build an incredibly robust system that is one of the few portions of the Generation 5 handguns that did not see significant changes. The cruciform, trigger, and disconnector, combined with the slide […]

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Magpul’s GL Enhanced Magwell for Gen 4 Glocks Now Shipping

Where the Generation 5 Glocks no include a concealed-carry ready flared magazine well, there are literally millions of handguns out there with the sharp and hard plastic edges of “perfection” (at least as it was defined for nearly three decades). Stock Glock magwells have certainly left something to be desired. Fortunately, the polymer wizards over […]

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TNW Firearms Offers AR-15 Handguard Adapter for Aero Survival Rifle

Say what you will about the AR-15, positive or negative. One thing one has to say is that there is a plethora of products available for the platform, earning it the well-deserved moniker: “Barbie for Men.” The various accessories developed for the penultimate Modern Sporting Rifle also make their way across to other platforms. Grips […]

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