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Chicago’s Black Women Begin to Leave the Gun Control Plantation Behind

With Chicago nudging 500 homicides for the year, locals have plenty of reasons to tool up. Increasingly, the law-abiding there are choosing to wander off Mayor Rahm’s gun control plantation. Instead of blaming guns for the city’s violence, these people are buying guns to protect themselves and their loved ones. What’s more, the numbers of African-American […]

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A Would-Be Intruder and My Near DGU

A recent story about the death of a homeless man in Champaign, Illinois brought back memories for me. The man had died, the report said, “after being subdued by police.” Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said Mr. Turner’s cause of death was an irregular heartbeat due to an enlarged heart and an enlarged left ventricle […]

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Barter Smarter… Don’t Trade Away Guns or Ammo

Almost everyone in America has watched as southeast Texas bears the brunt of Hurricane Harvey. At the same time, disasters like Harvey happen with some regularity.  In the aftermath of… The post Barter Smarter… Don’t Trade Away Guns or Ammo appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Click here to Read this Entire Story on […]

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Five Handguns I CAN Live Without

Austin Knudsen submitted a nice piece recently on five handguns he couldn’t live without. Me, I’m more pragmatic. Any handgun that goes bang every time, and shoots to minute-of-bad guy… The post Five Handguns I CAN Live Without appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Click here to Read this Entire Story on The Truth […]

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Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Bill Dead…For Now

Our own Jeremy S recently posted a review of Springfield Armory’s new XD-E pistol. As usual, he wrote a dispassionate and objective review, noting some issues with the new gun. The comments section, in contrast, had plenty of passion, yet little in the way of love for Springfield. Why all the hate? Simply put: gun buyers […]

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