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EOTech Asks LE Customers to Acknowledge POI Shift Issue Before Shipping Out Sights

In the wake of the shifting zero scandal, EOTech has released an email asking law enforcement customers to acknowledge the point-of-impact shift issue before the company will ship out new sights. EOTech holographic optics were the subject of a recent USSOCOM warning, advising against using the sights. The notice is replicated below: Good evening, Please […]

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What Is Heat Flux, and Why Is It Important?

Why do some cartridges burn barrels more than others? What makes a smaller-caliber, higher velocity round toastier to your bore, and how can you compare one caliber to another in this respect? While it’s not the whole answer to this question, today we’re going to talk about a major component to this equation, and that’s […]

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One Technology That Could Change the Small Arms Game: OWL Tracers

Yesterday, we discussed the past, present, and future of infantry small arms calibers. That post was a highly introductory one, and there’s much, much more ground to cover on that subject. Today, we’ll talk about a technology that didn’t quite make it into yesterday’s discussion. That technology is the Army’s non-incendiary limited angle visibility tracer round, […]

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Watch Keanu Reeves Shoot 3-Gun

To a lot of gun people, “action star” brings to mind flashy but impractical firearms, one-liners, and unfortunately often a painfully phony relationship between the actor and his weapons. However, as the shooting sports have exploded in popularity since 2004, we’ve seen an increase in celebrity personalities joining the fold, or revealing that they were a […]

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How Can We Break The Small Arms Plateau?

In the comments section of my 6.8mm SPC article last year, I was asked what I thought about future infantry small arms. This is a subject that has dominated my thinking over the past several years, and much of the historical research I have undertaken has been in service to forming a better picture of the […]

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