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S&W 500 Explodes In Shooter’s Hand

Cole McCartney posted up this cell phone video of Ian shooting a S&W 500. It explodes in Ian’s hands and the barrel goes flying.   Unfortunately the video ends before Ian reacted to the explosion. I hope he is alright. This looks rather violent.   The post S&W 500 Explodes In Shooter’s Hand appeared first […]

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POTD: EM-2 In The Wild

Dan Fritter took this photo of the Canadian Historical Arms Museum’s EM-2 rifle. The EM-2, also known as Rifle No.9 Mk1 or Janson rifle, was an experimental Britishassault rifle. It was briefly adopted by British forces in 1951, but the decision was overturned very shortly thereafter by Winston Churchill‘s incoming government in an effort to […]

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POTD: Not Your Average Squib

Charlie W. posted some photos of an uncommon squib that he experienced while shooting his Sig P226. He was shooting Maxx Tech factory 9mm ammo. As you can see from the photo above and the photo below, the bullet almost made it out of the barrel. Have any of our readers experienced a similar squib […]

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POTD: Wallet Pistols

Wallet Pistols are an oddity. They seem silly and practical at the same time. Safety seems compromised for the speed of being able to shoot the pistol while it is still inside the wallet/holster. However it’s classification is what I find even more perplexing. Yes this is another head scratching ATF NFA issue.   Take […]

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