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TFB’s INNOVATORS FRIDAY: Greg Latka And GSL Technology Suppressors

More than 30 years ago, Greg Latka, the founder of GSL Technology, decided to switch gears from a focus primarily on the aerospace industry towards following his passion – designing and building suppressors and other firearm parts. Ever since then, Latka and GSL engineered and manufactured some of the most popular silencer models sold in U.S. history, […]

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Hollywood Weapons: Silver Screen Guns With Larry Zanoff And Terry Schappert

On Saturday, February 24th at 7:30 p.m. EST, hosts Larry Zanoff and Terry Schappert kick off the new season of Hollywood Weapons premiering on the Outdoor Channel. The two expert gun handlers use each episode of their show to walk through movie scenes and separate reality from Hollywood legend, dissecting the most popular action movie sequences […]

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Acadian Armament – Predator And Patriot Line Of Suppressors

Acadian Armament, a Louisiana based suppressor manufacturer, was chosen last year to supply silencers to Lafayette Parish Sheriffs Office for field and tactical team use. The company focuses on two technologies to reduce the sound signature from firearms: Two Stage Suppression and a Parallel Path Baffle system. Both are explained in more detail below. Depending […]

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BREAKING: Optics Planet Has Magazine Sales Restrictions? Try Looking Deeper…

Earlier today, news began to trickle through online forums and social media platforms that retail giant Optics Planet had stopped selling magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds. With the internet being, well, the internet, we decided to have a look for ourselves. A cursory search of Optics Planet’s site revealed a couple of noteworthy concerns: […]

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[SHOT 2018] TFB TOP FIVE – Ammo And Accessories

Nearly at the end of our 2018 SHOT Show TFB Coverage is the catchall category for anything without a serial number. Like the baubles in a Christmas stocking, sometimes the coolest gifts are small and inexpensive (some are just small). Check out some of the most popular ammo and accessories from this year’s show. And […]

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BREAKING: SAMSUNG FUTURE GUN? Electronics Maker Set To Design Firearms

Electronics manufacturing giant Samsung is apparently set to break into the defense and consumer level weapons industry with a new take on firearms design. Normally focused on their mobile phone and flat screen display product lines, the South Korean conglomerate seems to be developing handheld armament that diverges from typical modern-day design. Apparently not based on […]

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