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More Firearm Designs From Technostudio Engineering

Our post about Technostudio’s CAD/Cam renderings of their wild firearms designs caught widespread attention. I’ll remind everyone now that those guns, along with the ones pictured here, are equivalent to car makers releasing glossy graphics for futuristic concept vehicles. However, the Technostudio Engineering leadership is pushing full steam ahead, looking for both funding and prospective […]

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TFB REVIEW: Threaded Barrels From Backup Tactical

Behind every great silencer is a great barrel – literally. If you shoot suppressed, consider what life would be like with shoddy threads that leave your $600+ and year-long-wait hearing protection device hanging at a non-concentric angle to your boreline. Cringeworthy. Ok, perhaps I’m being slightly melodramatic. Even so, the importance of a quality threaded […]

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SEXYTIME – Italian Pistol Design By Technostudio Engineering

Obviously, these images from Technostudio Engineering are just CAD renderings of what someday might come to life as a real pistol. Even still, they are quite beautiful and evoke thoughts of Bond villains or intergalactic battles between good (obviously humans) and evil (squid-faced aliens). Currently there are two Technostudio pistol designs: a traditional index finger trigger activation […]

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