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Kalashnikov ‘Smart Turret’ Brings Skynet One Step Closer

In the video below, Kalashnikov demonstrates a gun turret that uses a “machine learning algorithm” to identify potential targets. “Then, understanding it is a potential target, the neural network can make a decision on how to act,” Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales Vladimir Dmitriev asserted at the ARMY-2017 International Military-Technical Forum at Patriot Park, Moscow. […]

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New From Magnum Research: Case Hardened Finish Desert Eagle Pistols

You’ve got to give Magnum Research credit: they produce Desert Eagles without regard to taste. Tiger stripes! Gold! Gold with tiger stripes! Now available with a clear coat-protected case-hardened finish. Purists may puke, but I bet there are plenty of well-heeled Deagle buyers who prefer the ersatz Wild West look to drug lord chic. Here’s their presser: […]

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Politifact Wimps Out on Claim ‘Charlottesville Militia Groups Better Equipped Than Virginia State Police’ Claim

“PolitiFact is America’s Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking website and the home of the Truth-O-Meter,” their Facebook page proclaims. And just like the rest of the left-leaning mainstream media, Politifact went nuts over the ultimately fatal Charlottesville “rally.” Not surprisingly, PF tackled Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s patently false assertion that the armed militia in attendance were “better equipped” […]

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Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Amend’ Open Carry Laws

Press release by Richard Cohen, President Southern Poverty Law Center We’ve all seen the pictures from Charlottesville. Peaceful protesters being met with men carrying military-style weapons. Many of those unarmed were probably intimidated. I certainly think I would have been. What did the scene represent? Were we looking at a clash of grand constitutional values, a […]

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New Jersey Democratic Gubernatorial Hopeful Phil Murphy: Tax Firearms!

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society writes: Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy just released a plan to raise $1.3 billion a year in new taxes. According to Murphy’s plan, “all gun sales should be subject to a tax that will fund law enforcement, drug treatment centers, and mental health services.” Though we aren’t the New Jersey Fiscal […]

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YouTube Excludes Gun Control Channels from Censorship

As we reported, YouTube has instituted a new policy for firearms-related content. ALL gun videos are automatically restricted — and thus demonetized and delisted by their search engine– until a… The post YouTube Excludes Gun Control Channels from Censorship appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Click here to Read this Entire Story on The […]

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