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Brazilian Air Force infantry weapons

When one mentions an air force, what almost immediately probably comes to mind are images of sleek, fast-flying jet fighters, huge transport aircraft, and helicopters of all variations.  However, it should be remembered that a whole lot of equipment is involved in the general operation of a ‘flying’ armed service, infantry weapons included. From air […]

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The Brazilian 7x57mm DWM M908/Officer carbine

In my recent article ( on the Mq 7,62 M968 rifle made by Fábrica de Itajubá (Itajubá Factory) for the Brazilian Army, I also showed said gun in a photo alongside two shorter carbines, one clearly based on the 7.62x51mm “Mosquefal” and another, with different (Mauser-type) sights, which was referred to as a “sports” model. […]

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Brazil’s 7.62x51mm “Mosquefal”

Pretty much like many of the world’s countries in the early 20th Century, Brazil was a faithful user of German bolt-action Mauser rifles, to which the Spanish-favored 7x57mm round was chosen. The first adopted species was the Model 1894, soon followed by the Model 1904 rifle and the Model 1907 cavalry carbine, among other variants. […]

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The FIL/FILC-97 family: The Forgotten IMBEL Rifle Prototypes

In 1997, while Brazilian Army Captain (later, Lieutenant-Colonel) Paulo Augusto Capetti Porto was working at IMBEL’s Fábrica de Itajubá as head of the R&D Office, several interesting ideas materialized into a series of prototypes generally designated as FIL-97 (Fuzil Imbel Leve, Light Imbel Rifle) with 437mm barrels and FILC-97 (Fuzil Imbel Leve Curto, Short Light […]

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IMBEL 5.56x45mm IA2 rifle/carbine development and status report

Having recently reported (  on the official certification test program of Brazil’s  IMBEL 7.62x51mm IA2 semi-auto carbine currently under way at the CAEx – Centro de Avaliação do Exército (Army Evaluation Center), in Rio de Janeiro, it might be proper to inform TFB readers on the status of the earlier 5.56x45mm model. It took IMBEL […]

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DIY “AR-50” rides again in Brazil

Back in 2015, TFB ( showed a DIY .50BMG caliber rifle that was seized from criminal hands in Rio de Janeiro by the local Military Police BOPE – Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (Special Police Operations Battalion) and which was falsely marked as an “ArmaLite  AR-50”. The “ArmaLite AR-50” .50BMG rifle seized in Rio de […]

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