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Is Stretch Armstrong Bulletproof?

Here’s the bulletproof test you’ve all been waited for: can Stretch Armstrong withstand gunfire? When TAOFLEDERMAUS gets a good idea, he runs with it. And this one was certainly, um, unique. We’re all familiar with Stretch Armstrong, and if you’ve actually held one in your hand, you know the tightly-packed filling seems like it could […]

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The French “Wonder Bullet” is One Weird Slug

Here’s a shooting test of the French Wonder Bullet shotgun slug. The weird thing about these slugs, as TAOFLEDERMAUS points out, is that they’re able to break in to fragment, causing serious internal damage but less penetration. As TAOFLEDERMAUS says in the video’s YouTube description, “The internal ports are not there for any aerodynamic reason, […]

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Further Testing on the Experimental Bomber Slugs

What can a bomber slug actually do? Here’s some more testing from TAOFLEDERMAUS, Wide Open Spaces’ special ammo tester and video contributor. TAOFLEDERMAUS has given the famous bomber slugs another go. They’ve already proven they can do some incredible damage, but this time they’re being shot at some softer targets, like oobleck and water balloons. […]

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Not the Sort of Gun Joke You’d Expect

What do you think of when you hear “gun joke?” Not this, we promise. Some jokes are fairly predictable while others have punchlines that come out of left field. This is clearly the latter. Share this with another gun enthusiast who would get a kick out of it. Click here to Read this Entire Story […]

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Looking for a Drool-Worthy M16? Here You Go

Just for kicks, here are a few pages from the original M16A1 comic book operating manual, too. Front cover From our very own NicTaylor00, this is a truly high-quality slow-motion video that demonstrates the power and speed of the M16, while suppressed. Fully loaded with 30 rounds (but without the silencer), the M16A1 weighs just 7.9 […]

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