Ban Californians!

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Reader Gideon Joubert writes:

Earlier this week a Bernie Sanders supporter shot and wounded several people at a GOP baseball team practice. In response, a number of politicians have since called for more restrictive gun laws, as they usually do in the wake of any high-profile shooting. Considering that the rest of the world loves bashing the United States’ so-called “out-of-control gun violence,” perhaps it is time to unpack the statistics on this issue.

This is not going to be a particularly scientific or rigorous investigation. The purpose of this little exercise is simply to see if there is any meaningful link between the murder rate in a particular state and the nature of their gun laws. To ensure we compare apples with apples, all data used is from 2015.

As our benchmark number we will use the US national murder and nonnegligent manslaughter rate in 2015, which was…

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