BE MINE! Five Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

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For those of you who are out in the dating scene, I applaud you. In the midst of all that is the internet – Snapchat, Tinder, MySpace, etc – the casual-scene pitfalls would surely be too much for me to endure. Instead, TFB is reaching out to those willing to make a commitment with five quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that very special man or woman. For everyone else, your mother, father or best friend would gladly accept a nice present from the list below.

A quick note before we begin: I don’t really care for picking gear along gender lines – besides a tiny section of physical limitations from smaller-framed shooters, guns and accessories should be largely asexual in my opinion. Of course, people should have the freedom to buy and carry what they please, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was talking down to them by

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