Carrying a Big Gun is Stupid

I know, that HK USP45 looks wicked operator and it’s a lot easier to shoot well than your 638. But where is it right now? In your safe? Big handguns are more fun to shoot and we can shoot them much faster and more accurately than little guns. But most folks end up leaving their full size pistols at home most of the time. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever carry a larger gun. Especially if you have a solid reason, like for large animal defense when you’re out in the sticks. Even just because you enjoy carrying that fancy 1911 in the nicely tooled leather holster at a social gathering. It really isn’t carrying a big gun that’s bad. It’s leaving your Beretta 92F at home because it might print at the grocery store and you’re too macho to carry a P3AT that’s stupid.



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