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Preference-Driven vs. Process-Driven Design in the Field of Small Arms Ammunition: Discussion

In yesterday’s article, we took a look at examples of two different methods of design, which I called “preference-driven” and “process-driven”. For these examples, I supposed two engineers from two different cultures – called “Romulan” and “Vulcan” after the aliens from the Star Trek universe.* In the “Romulan” example, we explored preference-driven design, where a final […]

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Romulan, or Vulcan? Preference-Driven vs. Process-Driven Design in the Field of Small Arms Ammunition

If you were designing the next small arms round, how would you do it? What methods would you use to determine its physical characteristics and performance attributes? How would you know what was too large or too small, too powerful or too weak? Perhaps more critically, how do different methods for answering these questions compare […]

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Jam Mags With The Magpacker Speed Loader

One of these days I am actually going to break down and buy a magazine speed loader. The concept is simple enough: line up your rounds so that they can be pushed in one effortless motion into a waiting magazine. Makes perfect sense. But I do have a weird feeling that it would sit unused […]

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POTD: Not Your Average Squib

Charlie W. posted some photos of an uncommon squib that he experienced while shooting his Sig P226. He was shooting Maxx Tech factory 9mm ammo. As you can see from the photo above and the photo below, the bullet almost made it out of the barrel. Have any of our readers experienced a similar squib […]

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HSM .44 Mag 300gr XTP Gel Test and Review

We shoot HSM .44mag 300gr XTP ammunition from a Smith & Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum with a 4″ barrel into Clearballistics ballistic gel to measure velocity, penetration, expansion/fragmentation, and retained weight. Buy it at Ventura Munitions: Guns in this video:S&W Model 69 Thanks to our sponsors: Proxibid – Shop For Home Defense Pistols Online […]

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Defensive Handgun Bullets made in South Africa

Advanced Shooting Products is a bullet manufacturer located in South Africa. They make both handgun and rifle bullets. Arguably the most interesting of their products are their defensive handgun bullets. The information on this company’s bullets is very scarce in general. All I could find is some details on two of their handgun bullets. First one […]

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