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Top 4 Ballistics Myths Most People Believe

I don’t consider myself more than a hobbyist when it comes to ammunition – I reload a little, play around in SolidWorks a bit, and read dry, dusty tomes full of other people’s hard work collating every minute detail about ammunition. I’m, frankly, an ammo nerd, but not really a true expert. Once I began writing, […]

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Lack of cartridge knowledge, hilarity ensues

Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Says has this series of text message screen shots posted up on their website between a fellow who sold another fellow an AK rifle. But this transaction takes on a whole new flavor when fellow number two, unfortunately finds out that his knowledge of basic cartridge identification, is rather lacking to […]

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Holy $%!7 – OATH 12 Gauge TSR Slug

Sometimes there is no replacement for the immediate exclaiming of an expletive. Most of the time I let one fly its due to someone or something’s rampant stupidity, but on the flip side there are things that are so awesome to behold that no other set of vowels and consonants can do it justice. A […]

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POTD: Shot Shells

This was posted in a gun group on Social Media. They were shot at 7.5 yards. While not terribly challenging it does require some amount of skill. Especially in recovering them after being shot. The .45acp brass was pushed into the holes of a cardboard target and shot at again. Below is a photo of […]

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If You Could Launch An Ammo Line…

A hypothetical question: If you could launch your own line of ammunition, what would you do? Considering the sheer number of ammo lines out there and their varied applications, is there really anything that can be improved upon? Or if not improved upon, perhaps simply manufactured and sold in a different way. There are studies […]

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G-Code introduces range Bang Box

G-Code Holsters out of Jacksonville, NC has come out with a “Bang Box”. Essentially it is a more economical way to carry ammunition to the range, instead of having to bring cardboard boxes that could otherwise be smashed or create range clutter. The boxes come in a variety of colors, from tan, black, OD Green, […]

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Name That Failure (Based on a Picture)

It’s almost impossible to scroll past an image on social media depicting some sort of firearms-related failure without stopping to make your own diagnosis. Even more entertaining is scrolling through the comments, because the web-based opinions tend to range from possible to preposterous, and everything in between. Not to say it’s simple to diagnose something […]

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DRT .308win Terminal Shock Ammo

Andrew of GY6 takes a look at DRT’s frangible ammunition in .308 Winchester. The bullet has some interesting results. He shoots some paper to check for groups then he shoots a pork shoulder with a piece of ballistics gelatin behind it. If you are squeamish about blown up pork meat then you may want to […]

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Ballistic Testing of Gorilla Silverback in .45ACP

Welcome to the third installment of our ballistic gel testing series. The current series is sponsored by Clark Armory who provided the testing medium and rounds. Technical Details of Gorilla Silverback in .45ACP The Gorilla Silverback (both variations) are following the trend of copper projectiles that flower open creating a much larger wound channel. Fully […]

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