Czech Man Sentenced to 5 Years For Firearms Possession in UK

A Czech man has been sentenced to five years in prison for bringing several illegal firearms into the UK.

59 year old Jaromir Hrbek, from he Czech Republic, was stopped by the UK Border Force in August as he drove through the port of Dover to board a ferry back to Europe. A member of the Border Force spotted a loaded pistol magazine in the driver’s side door well and called the police.

Hrbek’s van, a Peugeot Expert, was searched and a cache of weapons were found hidden in the vehicle. The UK’s National Crime Agency reported that police found “a veritable arsenal” including:

“found ammunition including 50 9mm Luger cartridges, a bow with arrows, five knives including one 12 inches long, a machete, 50 .22 cartridges, a knuckle duster and a loaded Walther PPQ pistol wrapped in a paper bag and hidden in the vehicle’s frame work.”


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