Dead Air Sandman Ti vs. GEMTECH Tracker vs. YHM NITRO 30: Silencer Review

It’s easy to get trapped in the rabbit hole of chasing dB ratings, but as long as you’re within that “hearing safe” zone it isn’t usually the deciding factor. Simply put, shoot a handful of suppressors back-to-back and few people will choose the quietest one as their favorite one.

Between the Dead Air Sandman Ti, GEMTECH Tracker, and Yankee Hill Machine NITRO 30 seen here, volume level became but a footnote.

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A visit to Silencer Shop, which provides the easiest way to create trusts, buy cans, and even file Form 1s, netted me the Tracker and Nitro on loan. The Sandman Ti I own; it’s my go-to rifle silencer. Proceeding alphabetically . . .

Dead Air Sandman Ti:

Dead Air Armament makes four “Sandman” suppressors: the “L,” “S,” “K,” and “Ti.” They’re all .30 caliber cans, with all of them but mine using a QD mount…

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