Game Review: Strafe (PC Version)

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By strych9

Strafe is a first person shooter game that pays homage (if not royalties) to the original Doom and Quake. Players take on the roll of a “scrapper” aboard a ship known as the Icarus. Things have gone horribly awry, of course. It’s up to the player to blast his or her way out, spilling as much alien blood as possible, using a variety of weapons.

Check out the 1990’s style graphics and physics. The game’s creators, Devolver Digital and Pixel Titans, repeatedly reference 1996. So I reckon it’s riffing more on Quake than Doom. The former was released in 1996 while the latter came out in 1993.

Strafe takes this throwback thing seriously. Their website looks like an old GeoCities page put together by a high school student grooving to the Macarena.

The Game

Strafe is so last century. It’s almost as basic as BASIC. Players start with a…

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