Gunner Wade on Boresighting an RCO with issued collimator

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We previously covered 2nd Mar Div’s Combat Camera productions involving Gunner Wade and suppressor Fact or Fiction series, but the 2nd Marine Division Gunner is back at it again, this time he is covering how to properly boresight a service rifle and RCO using an issued collimator (although he is using his personal rifle in the video). The process is extremely simple, but if done incorrectly, can result in a very long day of zeroing. After inserting the device in the muzzle of an M16A4, M4, or M27, essentially there is that little diagram inside the collimator, that lines up within the RCO or SDO, and Marines have to match up the 100 meter marker that is the tip of the red chevron (“tip of the d**k” as we say in the Infantry) to the proper diagram within the collimator. However, the video is somewhat misconstrued because this is truly only half the…

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