InRangeTV Announces Desert Brutality Shooting Competition

Ian and Karl of Forgotten Weapons lore have recently announced a two gun competition open to the public, based in Arizona. Desert Brutality will take place in early February is based on the theme that Forgotten Weapons has always been known for, championing historic small arms. The focus of the match will be on creating a competition where it will be “physically, mentally and shooting challenging” while using historic small arms in a 2 gun match (rifle and sidearm). In this case, rifles allowed are pre-1970s configurations. They can be modern reproductions built today as long as their basic layouts, magazines, scopes, etc… match the weapons they are reproducing. There are five divisions that shooters will be scored against. They are Classic, Scout, Armored, Armored+P, and Sport. To read more about the specific divisions, check out the match rulebook created. The portion of their website has other sections about scoring and…

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