IWI US phasing out the Tavor SAR

If you ever wanted to buy a Tavor SAR bullpup now is the time to act. IWI US is phasing out the SAR for the X95.

I’m sure the decision makes perfect business sense, but I also know that many prefer the SAR over the X95.

If you own a SAR, before you ask, IWI US have said that they will keep spares and support for the future so no need to worry.

I have an O.D. Green Tavor SAR with a 16″ barrel. While it doesn’t get the range time it deserves I am now going to hold on it a bit tighter, it might become some kind of a Unicorn. It’s not a seller anyway, and most likely the only bullpup I’ll ever own.

From the IWI US Press Release:

Harrisburg, Pa. (September 2017)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.,…

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