Jamaica: More Proof that Gun Control Doesn’t Work

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

The documentary video below offers proof — if proof be needed — that gun control doesn’t work. Despite Jamaica’s “tough” gun control laws, the island nation is awash with illegally held firearms and plagued by endless “gun violence.”

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Make no mistake: Jamaican gun control laws are as draconian as The Brady Campaign or Everytown would like them to be stateside. Here’s a bit of history on the subject from

The Suppression of Crime Act allowed the police and the military to work together in a novel way to disarm the people: both soldiers could seal off entire neighbourhoods and policemen could systematically search the houses inside for weapons without a warrant.

The goal was to expedite and improve enforcement of the 1967 Firearms Act, which imposed licensing requirements on ownership and possession of guns and ammunition, and prohibited automatic weapons entirely.

Firearm licences in Jamaica require a background check, inspection…

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