Jeff Gonzales: Training Stops Being a Failure When It Starts Being You

I see it all the time. A student’s shooting skills suddenly and steeply degrade. They immediately blame their equipment. There is a time and place to look at your equipment. Has something gone wrong? Is it performing up to specifications? Does it suit you? But when things go south at the range, the first place you should look is within.

Embrace the suck

If you want to improve as a shooter/armed defender, you have to accept indeed embrace failure. You have to see your inability as the key to your future ability. After all, how can you know the limits of your shooting skills if you don’t push those limits to failure?

For example, consider practicing shooting center mass for self-defense . . .

If you’re shooting a really tight group, if you’re stacking rounds on top of each other, you’re shooting too slowly. If you’re shooting too

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