Leftists Discover the Importance of Opposing Gun Control Laws Like the Bump Fire Stock Ban

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

It’s always seemed curious that so many of the people who profess the most hatred and fear of those currently wielding power in Washington are many of the very same people who have long been advocates of gun control. If — as the black-clad Antifa thugs, profess — you really believe that President Donald trump is a fascist and/or a Nazi, do you really want to give the government he currently heads the ability to more tightly regulate your ability to purchase and own firearms?

That’s the central contradiction behind Eve Peyser’s article at vice.com, ‘The Leftist Argument Against Gun Control.’

“Gun control means disarming the revolutionary masses and oppressed classes,” a leftist named William Gillis told me in an email. Gillis, one of the 15 anti–gun control leftists I talked to by phone and email for this story, called gun control “the worst possible idea in history.” He…

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