Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Eels, Dogs and Chimps

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

Ugh, I would hate to be the public servants that had to clean up this mess.  Yet another reason to be grateful to those that do those “dirty jobs” no one else wants to do. Speaking of dirty jobs . . .

I also make a living as a paralegal. I can picture the lawsuit now. Even though there were no injuries, the slimy eels traumatized the plaintiff’s and grossed them out, therefore they are entitled to money due to their mental anguish. Yep, sounds about right. [Not hunting-related but still considered “road kill,” which is a form of hunting in some states.]

Eel-Coated Oregon Highway Crash Looks Like a Scene From Ghostbusters

Hagfish, Slime Eels, gooey hotdogs, whatever you want to call these slimy things, they are completely disgusting. If you remember from middle school science hagfish secrete a slime when agitated and apparently a motor vehicle accident counts…

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