Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Hunting Trophy, Barely Surviving, Gentlemen Prefer Berettas and Bison Go Bye-Bye

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Finally, a movie that gives an objective viewpoint on the subject of hunting. Maybe. With Trophy’s release limited in New York on September 8, it may be several weeks before any “real” hunters can give their official opinion on the film . . . ‘Trophy’ Asks Hard Questions About How To Save Wild Animals

How can wildlife conservationists best work to save endangered wildlife like the rhinos, lions and elephants of Africa?

This question sits at the heart of Trophy, a movie directed by Shaul Schwartz and co-directed by Christina Clusiau that opens in New York on Friday and more widely at the end of the month (see the trailer here).

With stunning and often startling cinematography, in places ranging from South Africa and Zimbabwe to Las Vegas convention centers, Trophy presents diverse viewpoints about the relationship between wildlife conservation and the commodification of big-game animals. The “if it pays it…

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