Loaded Kimber Pro Carry II Found in a River

Remember that StG-44 found in an attic in Poland we posted about last week? Well here’s another post about a gun that was stumbled upon, this time by some guys on YouTube who search for treasure in rivers. Finding firearms in rivers is surprisingly common. Earlier this year I posted about a possible murder weapon that was found by a diver in Georgia.

Recently a father and son in the UK dredged up a cache of weapons while searching for scrap metal with a magnet. They found an AK, two M16s, a Bren, Enfield, M1 Garand and some StG-44s as well as a bunch of pistols. There was also that time when a bunch of machine gun parts were found in a river a few years back. The guys in the video below were having a good haul for the day, they found some Ray-Bans, Bluetooth speakers, a hearing aid and even…

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