Military Arms Channel’s Tim Harmsen: Ban on “Rate Increasing Device” Threatens ALL Our Gun Rights

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

YouTube may have dinged the Military Arms Channel for daring to feature a video of a legal product on his YouTube channel four years ago, and threatened to delete his channel if he didn’t remove all his bump fire stock videos, but founder Tim Harmsen ain’t done with the issue. In the video below . . .

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MAC issues a call to [metaphorical] arms to fight to ban “rate increasing devices” for semi-automatics. He points out that the bill has enough loopholes to drive an ATF SWAT team through.

“What is the standard rate of fire for a semi-automatic?” MAC asks. “What is a ‘rate increasing device’?” he demands, pointing out the human finger is a rate increasing device.

The bill as written leaves those decisions to the ATF — just like the NRA wants! Does the NRA, its members and non-affiliated gun owners really think it’s a good…

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