More Torque! The Torsion Holster from Bravo Concealment

I’m willing to bet that there are many out there like me. I typically carry IWB, often with a tucked shirt (Management has to meet certain appearance standards…), which while often highly effective, has its own set of problems for us larger folks. While you skinny guys and gals can carry appendix, those of us with more to love are often forced to go strong-side. Without a naturally wide and falt facade to conceal a long grip, grip length becomes a major concern for concealment – especially tucked.

This is often fixed by a small cant to the weapon system. Which when at the 4 or 5 o’clock position is a welcome position, as the hand naturally pulls forward during the draw stroke. However, it still can limit what one carries. In my case, a single stack 9mm with a short grip.

I want more ammo and grip!

Looks like…

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