Nammo to Produce Polymer-Cased Ammunition, Acquires MAC, LLC

The golden age of polymer cased ammunition has probably already begun. Certainly, Norwegian-Finnish ammunition manufacturer Nammo seems to believe that, as they recently bought out American company MAC, LLC, makers of polymer-cased composite ammunition, some of which has already been type-classified by the United States Navy. Nammo announced the acquisition via a press release, which is embedded below:

Bay St. Louis. MS. January 26 2018, 08:00 CST.
Nammo is proud to announce that it has taken an ownership position in MAC LLC, a leader in the development and production of lightweight polymer cartridge cases for small and medium caliber ammunition.

Managing the weight of weapons and ammunition continues to be a major challenge for today’s armed forces, causing fatigue for individual soldiers, while reducing range and endurance for vehicles and aircraft. Responding to this challenge, MAC LLC has spent several years developing and commercializing lightweight, polymer-based solutions for military and

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