New from Springfield: California Compliant SAINT

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“Renowned AR-15 performance without ‘assault rifle’ registration.” That’s how Springfield’s presser (below) proclaims their California-compliant SAINT. You might say Springfield’s ability to satisfy the Golden State’s unconstitutional limits on gun ownership is only matched by the gunmaker’s [unconscious] ability to throw Illinois gun dealers under the bus, but I couldn’t possibly comment.


Springfield Armory® Announces Another California-Compliant SAINT™

Renowned AR-15 performance without “assault rifle” registration

GENESEO, IL, September 11, 2017 – The acclaimed Springfield Armory® SAINT™ with free float handguard is now available in a fully California-compliant version.

Factory-equipped with state-approved stock, 10-round magazine, and muzzle brake, the new California-edition SAINT delivers the performance, reliability and value every SAINT is known for – yet does not require registration as an “assault rifle” and does not demand questionable aftermarket modifications.

The California model of the SAINT featuring a free float handguard is a “featureless” firearm, with no components that might call compliance…

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