NJ Wastes $482,000 Buying Up Broken, Rusty Guns

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

From @New Jersey Second Amendment Society

If it’s true that guns have two enemies – rust and politicians – then New Jersey’s gun buyback program is a perfect marriage!

As if the State of New Jersey couldn’t think of another way to waste taxpayer funds, in the past two weeks $482,000 has been spent… to take a lot of rusty and broken shotguns off the streets.

Although no reasonable person expects gun buyback programs to have an impact on violence in Newark, Camden and Trenton – New Jersey’s public officials love them anyway! It’s a phenomenal opportunity to squander taxpayer dollars, stand in front of a podium and shout talking points written by a consultant. If they’re lucky, some of these politicians might get quoted in a newspaper or featured on a local TV broadcast.

At the very least, all of them will get a photo-op for social media…

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