NRA: No 1911s or Revolvers in NRA Carry Guard Training Classes

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

As part of their new Carry Guard insurance program, the NRA is offering a series of training courses for concealed carriers. They’ve recently announced that 1911 pistols and revolvers aren’t welcome as a “primary firearm” for their Level One training class, a three-day program that costs a not insubstantial $850 per person.

It’s an odd decision. Revolvers are some of America’s most popular concealed carry guns. So much so that Kimber now makes an impressive line of snubbies and Colt’s jumped back into the market with their Cobra. By the same token, the 1911 is one of most comfortable carry platforms ever created. Tens of thousands of gun owners carry them every day.

The NRA’s decision to ban revolvers and 1911’s from their Carry Guard courses no doubt reflects their desire to maintain uniformity, to ensure quality of instruction. And, it must be said, maximize throughput. Even so, it seems like…

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