ODIN Works Adjustable AR-15 Gas Blocks for .875 and .936 Barrels

ODIN Works has introduced two new versions of their adjustable gas block designed for barrels that have .875″ and .936″ diameter at the gas block mounting portion. The most common AR-15 gas block diameter is the .750″. However, some barrels with thick match profile or those with large bores have a larger diameter at the gas block portion and require enlarged gas blocks.

ODIN Works gas blocks are made of steel and feature a nitrided surface treatment. The adjustments are done by simply rotating the front adjustment screw which has 20 positions. The screw is fixed in each position via a ball detent. The adjustment screw and the detent spring are made of Inconel to better resist the high temperatures generated at the gas port.

The overall weights of these gas blocks are 2.45 oz. They come with an Allen wrench necessary to rotate the front adjustment screw. As you have noticed, these are low

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