One Loader to Rule them All – ETS C.A.M. Rifle Magazine Loader

Just when you think it can’t get any easier to load a magazine, ETS comes along and forges a new loader that purports to work across almost all double-stack semi-auto platforms. Its so good, I am convinced that Jim Hanson (owner of ETS) is perhaps the modern inventive dark load of the magazine:

“One (Mag Loader) to rule them all, One (Mag Loader) to find them; One (Mag Loader) to bring them all and in the (awesomeness) bind them.”

*Note – I took some artistic liberty with it. 

Like its near-universal single-feed double-stack pistol C.A.M. loader, the rifle version is designed to easily load from ammo trays. Simply run the feed chute through the rims, use the follower to press in the rounds, and voila – ammo is loaded.

It is designed and tested to work with a bevy of platforms including, but not limited to:


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