Question of the Day: What’s the Worst Abuse Your Gun Has Ever Endured?

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The latest handgun to go through MAC’s world famous four-stage torture test is the CZ P10C 9mm. SPOILER ALERT: the Czech striker-fired gun performed admirably. It took the full gauntlet course of water, sand, dirt and mud to finally make it choke, and even then MAC managed to coax six rounds from the gunk-packed pistol.

Does that give you the warm fuzzies about the reliability of the P10C? Why wouldn’t it? As MAC is quick to advise his legion of viewers, the full gauntlet course isn’t a real-world test, it’s designed to push the limits of the gun. But it’s a reasonably objective measure of how a handgun performs under some extremely adverse conditions.

Most of us, of course, will never subject our guns to anything like those kinds of conditions. Harvey and Irma responders may give their guns a good dunking in filthy, brackish water, but again,…

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