Random Thoughts About Guns and The Next Civil War

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The day after the Congressional baseball shooting, NPR’s On Point tackled the issue of America’s political bifurcation, and the impact of the hot rhetoric surrounding it. There was a lot of talk about “finding the middle ground” and “compromise.” What wasn’t said: there isn’t any middle ground. Or room for compromise.

On guns — the issue sparking the debate — there are two sides. Those who want the Uncle Sam to live up to its constitutional obligation to not infringe on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, and those who want to infringe on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

Supporting “reasonable regulations” on guns — as allowed by the Pyrrhic victory known as the Supreme Court’s Heller decision — isn’t “compromise.” It’s capitulation.

Universal background checks? Infringement. Magazine capacity limits? Infringement. Gun violence restraining orders? Infringement. “Assault weapons” ban? Infringement. Banning firearms purchases for people on the super-secret Terrorist…

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