Ranger Point Precision Marlin 336 Chambered in .36 RPP

Ranger Point Precision published images of another custom made Marlin 336 lever action rifle chambered in .36 RPP. The cartridge was developed about a year ago. It is a .358 caliber cartridge based on the .35 Whelen case. The advantage over the .35 Remington is that .36 RPP can operate at higher pressures thus resulting in enhanced performance.

Images by Ranger Point Precision

Ranger Point Precision admits that if someone wants a better performance in a lever action rifle than the .35 Remington cartridge offers, he can go with the .356 Winchester. However, they wanted to design a cartridge that could be formed from more readily available brass.

In order to make the .36 RPP from .35 Whelen cases, all you need is to trim the case and size it in the .36 RPP full-length sizing die. The result will be a .358 caliber case of 2.13″ length with a case capacity of 62 gr H2O.

Operating at a relatively…

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