Ruger THUMPS with their No. 1 Sporter Now Chambered in .450 Marlin

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Ruger no longer has the expansive caliber selection they used to in their No. 1 line-up of single-shot rifles, but they are not letting this model go away permanently either. Ruger recently announced they are chambering their Sporter model in .450 Marlin for those who love a caliber that thumps!

Ruger had these comments to say about the new caliber introduction:

No.1 Sporter in .450 Marlin: The classic No.1 Sporter is now chambered in the powerful .450 Marlin cartridge. A short 20″ barrel mated to the short, single-shot No.1 action combine to make a quick-handling rifle that is easy to carry.

Like all of the Ruger No. 1 single-shot rifles, it has a host of features tailored to not only hunters, but shooters as well.

Strong, Simple, Compact Falling-Block Breech Mechanism w/ Artillery-Style Breechblock & Under-Lever is ideally suited to Today’s Powerful Cartridges Sliding Tang Safety provides instant Security, Visibility…

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