Sentinel Inc’s Identilock Now Shipping

Sentinel, Inc. has announced the Identilock firearms locking system is now shipping and available through Cabela’s. The gun locking system is unique in its approach to firearms access leaving the locked handgun accessible except for the locked and covered trigger guard. The Identilock is unlocked using common fingerprint readers which is accessed by the trigger finger, which Sentinel claims is read and unlocked in less than 300 milliseconds (or .3 seconds for those on the Imperial system).

The locking system is capable of up to three separate users. For ease of mind and lack of power, the Identilock is charged in just four hours on any Type-C charging outlet. The internal batteries will last up to 180 days or about 6 months on the charge.

I, for one, like the open design and use of the trigger finger as the unlocking mechanism. However, the angle to reach the sensor is a bit…

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