Shotgun Crimes in the UK — Which Never Happen!

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The United Kingdom is gun control paradise, home to some of strictest gun laws on the planet. Which means “gun violence” never happens there. Except when it does . . .

Leeds parents feared for baby’s life as Mercedes rammed and shotgun threat

Mohammed Butt, 25, (above) was driving a BMW 5 series when he twice rammed into his cousin’s Mercedes and pointed an imitation sawn-off shotgun at them and threatened them in Beeston.

The 14-month-old baby suffered a cut eye as a result of the car ramming at the junction of Atha Street and Cross Flatts Grove at around 9pm on November 22 2016.

The court heard Butt, of Colwyn Road, Beeston, may have been jealous because cousin Fike Butt and his wife Sima Kausa had started a new business.

Business. Right.

Trial hears trove of weapons found at motorbike club


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