SilencerCo Summit Series – Dakota Tactical D300

Some things in life are just so beautiful that it makes you want to cry. For example, the birth of your children, your wife (or husband) on your wedding day or that last ice cold beer on a scorching hot day. Even better than all of those seemingly trivial events, however, is a properly built, custom Heckler and Koch patterned firearm. I offer as evidence the newesest SilencerCo Summit package featuring a Dakota Tactical D300 and SiCo Omega silencer.

As the name suggests, the D300 is chambered in 300BLK and includes all the features you’d expect from the expert craftsman at Dakota Tactical. As you may know, as much as I love the silenced life, I have yet to dip my toe into the 300 blackout world. However, paired with a quality subsonic round, the rollerlock (delayed) HK action should make for an awesome host for the SilencerCo Omega.


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