Steyr AUG Enhancement Kit by CORVUS Defensio of Austria

Non-mainstream firearms like the Steyr AUG normally have a little aftermarket support. The development of new products with a small potential customer base is not always justified or results in an overly expensive product. Nevertheless, even if there is a very small demand, you’ll still find one or two companies offering upgrade parts for the relatively rare firearms. A company called Corvus Defensio located in Austria is specialized in making Steyr AUG upgrades. Let’s take a look at the five-part kit they offer.

The first part in the Corvus Defensio set is the 14.76″ top Picatinny rail which also has a machined out slot for direct mounting Trijicon ACOG scopes. It also features KeyMod slots on both sides of the front portion of the rail as well as QD sling sockets from either side of the rail.

Next part of the kit is the Corvus Defensio case deflector. It is a drop in part…

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