Steyr OD Green M9-A1 Now Available, Tacticool Shooters Rejoice!

Steyr Arms has added an OD Green M9-A1 to their pistol lineup finally. Even though they have been using OD Green polymer on their firearms for nearly 50 years on both the SSG 69 sniper rifle and the AUG, they must have just got around to it. I guess late is better than never and it sure as hell looks cool.

A lot of shooters feel that the M9-A1 is far too often overlooked as one of the great polymer pistols out on the market currently. A lot of that has to do with the almost complete lack of marketing that Steyr does in the American market and that they haven’t been adopted by many police departments, if any. Sure, most American shooters are well aware of the Steyr brand when you start talking about the AUG, but bring up one of their superb handguns and you are normally met with blank…

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