SureFeed Magazines for AR Rifles: Gear Review

The AR market offers a wide variety of affordable and durable polymer mags, but I’ve always preferred aluminum mags. They’re typically smaller and, in my experience, fit more smoothly into magazine wells. But are they as hardy?

OKAY Industries has been making metal mags for the military for years. The company is now offering them to the public under the SureFeed brand name. 


Nothing radical here. All three sizes look just as you’d expect mil-spec AR magazines to look. All sizes are offered in three colors; gray, black and desert tan.

The self-lubricating followers are yellow in the 10-round mags, black in the 20-rounders or gray in the 30-round version. The 10-round mag comes with a black plastic base plate to enable fast extraction. It’s ideal for shooting from a bipod or complying with unconstitutional magazine capacity laws. 


I ran these magazines during my…

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